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Hilton Head Mosquito Misting Systems

Your Hilton Head landscape and outdoor living areas serve as your own little paradise. It’s where you go to escape everyday stresses and relax with family members and friends. You can enjoy a swim, play sports or have a barbeque. The joy of these activities can be interrupted by all sorts of pesky little bugs. However, here in Hilton Head, mosquitoes are the most abundant and annoying.

Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head can eliminate the negative aspects of outdoor living (mosquitoes) so you can concentrate on all the positives! Being mosquito-free will add the fun and freedom factor back into the fundamentals
of backyard enjoyment!

Worry-free mosquito control for your Hilton Head home

With busy schedules and other demands in your life, treating for bugs can be messy, time-consuming and an overall nuisance. With our innovative and convenient Mosquito Treatment Misting System mosquitoes and noseeums are a problem of the past.

How our Hilton Head misting system works

Our Hilton Head mosquito misting systems disperse timed mists covering the areas where mosquitoes are hiding or laying their eggs (female mosquitoes can lay an average of 300 eggs at a time).

- Asian Tiger Mosquito eggs

Only misting systems Hilton Head offers valuable smart features that are not available with any other misting systems. It monitors tank levels that are filled on a regular basis by our Mosquito Squad professionals. Mist patterns can be customized to sections of your yard that are used most frequently. Prior to having a special outing or party, you can activate a mist by remote control, keeping out those uninvited “biting guests”. You always have the ability to skip a mist as well! Our system even includes a phone app to set or adjust the time of your mist.

Misting Systems Hilton Head Winter Special

Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head is offering free labor on all new misting system customers who sign up to have a mosquito misting system installed December 2017 thru February 2018.
(Valued at $850)

Our dedication to you as a Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head includes passion, service, education and giving. So, let us educate and serve you with passion and give you the protection you need from mosquitoes and other nuisance insects.
Let us give you the freedom to enjoy your backyard paradise in peace.If you have any questions about our automatic pest control or any of our other services, please feel free to call us at 912-210-5909 or email us!

We are here for you and ready to make sure our automatic misting system meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Out of sight and out of mind

Our Mosquito Misting System is extremely efficient. Qualified and experienced technicians will place your system in an unobtrusive location so it will be out of sight. All misting nozzles will be strategically placed for maximum coverage.

One of the misconceptions that prevent consumers from exploring an automatic misting systems for mosquito protection is the installation process. Installation for one of these systems can seem time-consuming and tedious, especially when it comes to strategically connecting the nozzles, tubes, and programming the system efficiently. That’s why we’re here to help. At Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head, our team of knowledgeable and trained experts have installed a vast number of automatic misting systems all over Hilton Head, and the surrounding areas making us the most qualified and experienced.

Customized mosquito control

Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head will customize your misting system and service the system for a reasonable yearly fee. This yearly fee will include all maintenance, replenishing of the pest treatment solution and service of the system. Winterizing the system is also included. This will ensure you are ready and armed for next season.

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