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Why Mosquito Control Hilton Head Is The Company You Keep

Nowadays, almost every exterminator around offers
an answer for all your pest control problems. These include mice, termites, ants, cockroaches and the list goes on and on. The problem with these “one-stop pest control shops” lies heavily in their lack of expertise, knowledge and experience in treating mosquitoes. Mosquitoes cannot be effectively controlled, or prevented, by a “one size fits all” program.

How Mosquito Control Hilton Head is Different

Mosquito Control Hilton Head offers many advantages over the cookie cutter approach to mosquito control. One of the major differences is that our product was designed with mosquito control in mind. We use only the highest- quality products available regardless of cost. Our micro-encapsulated barrier treatment works because of the superior combination of products we use along with its strategic application. Due to the time-released residual of our product, when it has dried (30 minutes) rainwater will not easily wash away the product either. All of these factors deliver an effective mosquito control treatment that stays put and does what it is meant to do!

We achieve 85-90% reduction on the first barrier treatment. Our formula immediately eradicates existing mosquitoes on contact, so realistically, the reduction is almost immediate. Continuing the program will ensure residual protection for the entire time you are on the service. During your first treatment, our technicians carefully inspect your property and eliminate or treat standing water, a potential mosquito breeding site, with a larvacide. This stops the life cycle of the mosquito at the larvae stage, so they cannot become adults. Then our technicians will treat to eliminate any adult mosquitoes currently on your property. This also builds a barrier against any mosquitoes that enter your yard after treatment from other areas.

You wouldn’t trust your regular MD to conduct a specialized surgery such as open heart surgery, would you? Then why would you trust a termite or home exterminator to control dangerous mosquitoes in your Hilton Head backyard?

Nationwide, Mosquito Squad has become the most trusted mosquito control company and the model to which others try to copy. As the founders of the industry, no one has delivered more treatments, protected more families and covered more areas than Mosquito Squad — and the competition is not even close.

For mosquito control in Hilton Head, leave it to the experts here at Mosquito Squad of Savannah-Hilton Head. Call us today at (912) 210-5909 today or email us today to learn more.

Owner Brent Tatum and family

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