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Flea Control and Prevention for Your Backyard

puppy running in a flea free yard with his toy

We love the extended warm season we get to enjoy here in Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding area. But because of our warmer, humid climate, it’s important to constantly be on the lookout for ticks, fleas, and mosquitos around your home.

Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head is here to serve you. We have what it takes to turn your backyard back into an enjoyable outdoor living space.

Fleas, Their Diseases, and Your Pets

Fleas are especially dangerous to pets, as they are a major carrier for diseases. Fleas can frequently cause dermatitis in dogs and cats, leading to hair loss and in extreme cases anemia.

While many believe that fleas are exclusively an pet nuisance, fleas can carry many diseases that are dangerous to humans as well. Rickettsial infections, endemic typhus, and the bubonic plague can all be transmitted through flea bites. With fleas being especially difficult to get rid of, its important to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Fleas in the Home

Once fleas enter the home, they can be particularly nasty to remove. Initial flea infestations are brought in by pets, who spread it in the home by rolling around on carpeting, bedding, and common household areas. Certain wildlife, such as raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and other rodents can also become infested with fleas and then pass it along to your pets.

4 Tips to Prevent Flea Infestations

We care about our customers and their well-being. That’s why we’ve compiled 4 simple tips to help you keep your yard and pets free of fleas:

  • Keep Your Lawn Dry. Fleas thrive in moist places, so make sure not to overwater your lawn or allow standing water. By doing so, you create a flea-friendly breeding ground for the these parasites. Yuck!
  • Use Cedar Chips Decoratively. Fleas don’t like the smell of cedar. Try incorporating cedar chips decoratively so they have a permanent place in your yard and can help dissuade flea populations from settling there.
  • Prune, Trim, and Mow. A sunny yard is not an ideal habitat for fleas. They cannot tolerate hot sun for long periods. Frequently mowing your lawn and pruning or trimming your trees will expose your soil to sunshine, keeping it dry and less appealing to fleas.
  • Call Mosquito Squad of Savannah – Hilton Head! For ongoing prevention and protection from fleas and other biting pests, call the squad at 912-210-5909 or send us an email. We offer a barrier treatment that kills adult mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas on contact. Ask us about our traditional and all-natural treatment solutions to protect you, your pets, and children from the dangers and annoyances of fleas.
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